My name is David Cram, and I'm writing on behalf of the existing body of Kona Village guests who have returned again and again to the village. Many of us have found Kona Village to be so exactly to our liking that once we discovered it, no other resort would do. As a result, the village enjoyed a return rate of over 60%, and many of us have returned over 20 times, some over 50 times.

    When Kona Village was closed, a group of us formed the Save Kona Village Board to see what we could do to help reinstate it, and we chose Facebook to serve as our means of communication. In addition, we invited everybody who wanted to be kept "in the loop" to send us their email addresses, and were thus able to build a mailing list of over 500 names. Since many people represented by that list do not use Facebook, the list is not congruent with the Facebook participants, so while the combined number of interested parties is not exactly known, it can be assumed to be quite substantial.

    Much speculation has revolved around the issue of how the reopened village would be changed, and I constructed an informal survey instrument to try to determine which elements of KVR would ideally be kept and what changes would likely cause past guests to lose enthusiasm about returning. Because the village in the past had been among the most profitable in the world for its size, I wanted to see if the guests had creative suggestions for returning it to profitability.

    Some sharp distinctions emerged between the likely Kona Villagers and those who would not--should not--choose the resort. We also received many suggestions for places to find prospective Kona Villagers and ways to appeal to them.

    It has been our belief that the Kona Village model can be restored as a profitable business, that occupancy can be increased substantially, and that a harmonious relationship between KVR and Four Seasons patrons can work to the benefit of everybody.

    The summary of the results follows; the original Plea for Ideas is at the end.


David Cram

Toward a Renewed Kona Village Resort  Some Suggestions for Consideration