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There were three shops, a boutique, a jewelry store, and a tiny place in the beach shack.  The boutique was mainly a clothing store, but it was also a place where you could get sundries--batteries, toiletries, newspapers and magazines, film, (film?  what’s that?) and souvenir items.  The jewelry store was old/new: when the owner of the recent store passed away, Oscar returned after a 20 year absence. 

The tsunami got them all. The building below was damaged beyond salvage, and has been cleared away, and the Beach Shack was also destroyed and will have to be razed as well. It’s hard to imagine this picture without that building:

Yukie, left, and Lori, (the manager), made the boutique a very pleasant place to shop.

Yukie rang up a sale.  In the background could be seen the array of lotions, sunblock, and personal products, plus magazines.  The newspapers were by the door.

Oscar and wife Glenda tended the new jewelry store.

The beach shack had an assortment of water-related items and a few T-shirts.