The Reception


Getting there became much easier.  The old road was gone and so was the runway, and the village was only eight miles north of the Kona airport.  When you gave your name to the guard at the gate, he called the office to alert them that you were arriving. 

Just 1.2 miles left, but you were still in the outside world...first a golf course...then a parking lot...then expanses of barren lava...then the lu’au parking lot--must be getting close--but then... you turned the last corner, and a half mile of trees and flowering shrubs took you into another world. By the time you arrived at the circle, a receptionist was there waving a welcome and waiting with the traditional lei greeting.  You were home; you had entered the Soft Lane!

When you went in to register, you’d be invited to have a glass of rum punch or pineapple juice.  Most folks found that very welcome after a long journey, and it was a fitting way to start easing into a tropical mood.  Here, Colleen oriented first-timers Nick and Catherine

If you looked out the window you’d get a glimpse of what was ahead.  You could see the beach shack and behind it the beach, beckoning...

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