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The Property

The village was spread out over 82 acres.  Everything from the road north of the lagoon was lava, except where they’d crushed it and planted foliage.  The lagoon was an ancient fishing pond.  The water there was brackish, and rose and fell with the tides.  Everything to the left of the lagoon was the sand or garden area, and was lush with shrubs and trees.  The swimming access

to the ocean was in the area in front of the Hale Samoa.  The bottom was sandy there and to the left almost to the Shipwreck pool, but to the left of that, while the beach itself was sandy, the edge of the water was where the old lava lay and didn’t provide access (the area shaded black). 

There was a little beach near the top of the map (see arrow), but it was coarse and rocky, and access to the water was a bit difficult, though not impossible.