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The Pools

This was the Shipwreck Pool, with a view from both ends plus a view of the hot tub.

Below was the kids’ pool. There was a hot tub, and the pool was heated through the winter.   However the Shipwreck pool was next to the Shipwreck Bar, which for the kids served as a nearby source of cookie monsters, lava flows, and other agents for the slow destruction of teeth.  So, while the Shipwreck pool was also known as the “Quiet” pool, it was sometimes not as serene as some would prefer, and occasional reminding--shushing--was required.  But bless ‘em, they were intended to be KVR’s next generation, and we treated them nicely.

Below is another view of the kids’ pool, with wading pool and hot tub in the background.  It was a beautiful setting--the pool was just not quite as deep as the Shipwreck Pool or as close to the cookie monsters, (a drink made up predominately of pulverized Oreo cookies). 

This photo was taken by a recent honeymooning guest, Lori.  I included it with permission, because it was so much nicer than the one I had here.