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The Talk Story &

Bora Bora Bars

There were two bars besides the Shipwreck. The Talk Story opened at lunchtime and remained open all afternoon.  If you arrived at the village too late for lunch, or if you got the munchies between meals (hard to imagine!), you could get a light lunch at the Talk Story.  The bar didn’t have a history quite like the Shipwreck, but it was slammed when a small airplane had engine trouble and couldn’t quite make the old runway.  Nobody was in the bar, and the pilot walked away, but the bar was badly messed up. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. 

The bar was adjacent to, and served, the diners at lunch.  It was small, the picture on the right shows the entire bar, but Chad kept the jokes going and had a devoted following.  It was a really nice setting for an afternoon libation.

The Bora Bora Bar was adjacent to the terrace where breakfast and dinner were served, and was very close to the little stage where the entertainment took place.  It opened about 5:00 PM and remained open until 10:15 or so.  It was a great spot for listening to the music.

However it was also a social center, with the activity at its height during the dinner hours, and again I met charming and entertaining guests...

Peter & Laura

John & Carol

Fidelia & Ted

...and many more.