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The Lunch

Lunch was an elaborate buffet, served outside (as all meals were, except when it was raining or uncommonly windy).

It started with salads. (Actually, it started any place you wanted to start.)

It continued with prepared cold dishes, sashimi, oysters...

A wide selection of fruits, and even a mixed berry soup, (which looked like borsht, and those who tried it thinking it’s borsht were in for a taste surprise)!

The theme for the hot dishes on this particular day was Mexican, and they offered chicken enchiladas, roasted vegetable with cilantro butter, Mexican style rice, beef fajita, and grilled scallops with corn and pepper relish.

At the grill, the cook would serve up fish, very high quality hot dogs, hamburger to any degree of doneness, and sometimes they had prime rib or lamb cut to your taste.

Then, if you were up to it, you could make a sundae, or indulge in various pies and cakes, or both, or all.  Nobody counted return trips or the dirty dishes.

I knew it was sinful, but it couldn’t be helped.  My good intentions melted faster than the ice cream...

You could sit on the terrace next to the Hale Moana, or look out over the bay.

Sarah and Andrew, first timers and newlyweds, chose a table next to the beach. 

You could choose a spot in the Talk Story Bar, which served the dining area.  That was me, with Elizabeth and Chris.