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Keiki Programs

Catch and release fishing in the lagoon was very popular with the keiki and every day they were out with great concentration, trying their luck.

Prior to the lu’au show itself, the kids had their chance to get up on stage and dance.  During the day, the crafts activities were devoted to making leis, grass skirts, or other accoutrements needed for that special event.  Some of the keiki were pretty good; others hadn’t a clue.  It was good fun, and fun to watch.

There were daily activities for the keiki, from making leis and grass skirts, to other crafts

I’m not sure what everyone was making, but I do know that the adults enjoyed participating, making baskets and other things.  That’s Lani overseeing on the left.

Lanelle, helping Barbara get started on

a small basket.

During the Paniolo dinner, the keiki were entertained with, among other things, a marshmallow roast.

Every evening the keiki were invited to have a separate dinner, followed by games and entertainment.  The object was to give the parents a chance to have a quiet meal without worrying about the kids.  For this particular evening there were 24 keiki, so they put on a quite special buffet spread for them.

Swinging a poi ball is fun for the young and the seasoned.

Hanna, Emily, and Alexandra becoming expert at the paddleboard.

NOTE: This page was going to be enlarged with pictures of the keiki hula at the lu’au, and other pictures of the kids at fun. Sadly, I’m too late.