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Helicopter II --

The Waterfalls

Fascinating as the volcano is, the highlight of the trip for me was the ride up the Hamakua coast, past Waipio Valley, and into Waimanu Valley where the waterfalls drop in steps for 2000 feet.  As an old (timid) pilot, to fly into a box canyon is a thrill, and this is thrilling indeed.  One can hardly get far enough back to see the entire waterfalls,  and we had to see part of it through the window at our feet.  Alas, it’s very cozy in a helicopter, and it was not conducive to taking snapshots of a phenomenon like that.  You’ll just have to go there and see for yourself.  I did manage a video, but it is hardly more than a tease, (and if I were to do it again, I’d remember to put my hat in my lap, where it wouldn’t reflect on the window). I never doubted Jesse’s skill as a pilot, but I did smile when we lifted out of there. (Click on the picture)

This is the home stretch.  The heliport is left of the village in the middle of the picture.  Marla drove me back to KVR in a mere automobile.  What a let down!

That’s Jesse, our impressively skilled pilot.  I kept an eye on his hand on the collective; I figured that if he was relaxed, I wouldn’t worry.  He was, and I didn’t.  But I sure wouldn’t try that in a Cessna...