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Hale II - The Lagoon

The lagoon was gorgeous, and the hale that surrounded it had a view of utter serenity.  I’ve mentioned several hale and to help in locating them, I have color coded the circles to match the arrows on the map. Below you can see a glimpse of two Fijian hale.  

Near the eastern end of the larger part of the lagoon, you could look toward the Pond Marquesans.

Across the lagoon you could see the New Caledonian units.

The New Caledonians consisted of two outer units and a common room between. Each had a separate lanai overlooking the lagoon.

Below left was an early morning shot from the lanai of PT2. The air was perfectly still, the light was good, and the mist made for a very nice moment. Below right was the same hale from across the lagoon.

The Fijian hale and the Hawaiian hale were the smallest in the village.  Their diminutive size didn’t lack anything in quality, however, nor in splendid views.  Left was F7, with a wonderful view of the lagoon.   

While the lagoon hale didn’t get the direct ocean breezes, they still rustled the palm trees above, and the ceiling fan (and extra fans if needed) served well to keep guests comfortable.  With all the windows open, one could enjoy the birds as they offered their wonderful symphony in the morning.  Mosquito fish in the water, combined with judicious spraying, (and geckos!) kept the area reasonably bug free.

That’s PH5 on the left.

The lagoon at night, lit by tiki torches which were reflected on the still water, was breathtaking and magical.