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Halau O Kekuhi

On Thursday evening the 2010 Remember When get-together featured a special lu’au on the Hale Samoa lawn.  Kalu and Vicky handed out flowers and all KVR guests were invited.

The entertainment was provided by a very well-known and traditional hula school from Hilo.  Their dances emulate the poetic saga of Pele , the fire goddess, and Hi’iaka, her youngest sister.  It is a very energetic style, low, fast, and bombastic.

I’d never seen anything remotely like it, and was very much interested.  Here are two dances from the lu’au.  The first is accompanied by the chant and the large gourd, or ipu, and the second is to the accompaniment of the ukulele and the chant.  Alas, both tell a story, but I don’t know either one.



The group spent the night at the village, and next morning they gave demonstrations of various techniques.  I was fascinated by the exercises they use in warming up.  These exercises are much abbreviated, but their normal warmup routine lasts over 20 minutes.  Once again I must apologize for the video.  It’s strictly amateur--one camera, bad lighting, and no rehearsal.  Still, if this kind of thing is interesting to you, you’ll forgive the quality.

The first opens with a welcoming chant and introduction, followed by their opening warmup routine:

The second clip is another part of their warmup exercises.


The third clip is of a quieter, “meditative” kind of exercise.



The next exercise is for leg extension. Oh yes, and I moved the camera to a much better position



Finally, another highly active dance. 


A highly energetic solo dance