Hale, here and there, continued...

This is obviously the one and only Chief Tahitian.   Neither the kids’ pool nor the Bora Bora Bar had been built, so it’s hard to get a fix on where the picture was taken.

I really like this picture.  Peeking in from the left is Lava Samoan 8, then the four Lava Samoans in a row, starting with LS7.  New Hebrides 3 is to the right and Maori 2 beyond.  The rest of the NHs are to the left, out of the picture.  If your eyes are sharp, you can see the masts of the Shipwreck.

Wow!  No vegetation at all!

Ah, Lava Samoan 8, how modest you’d become.  Here you were so naked, and then you’d become hidden behind great walls of foliage.  The path was between the Palaus, out of sight on the left, and the ocean.  The Hale Maluhia was the wide hale in the far end of the beach, which used to mark the end of the village.  

This was the high rent district, since they hadn’t added the row of Sand Marquesans on the beach side.

  The hale on the left is Lava Samoan 1 and on the right is the Chief Tahitian.  The fence is around the parking lot, and Hualalai is in the background.

If you can tear your eyes away from that handsome young fellow engrossed in the paper (that’s a much earlier version of me), note the fourplex, which, as I understand it, was originally built for larger families.  The center units had connecting doors.  It’s now long gone.  Also note that one of the Talk Story Bar’s entrances was from the beach.  According to Glen, the chief engineer, that entrance was washed away by high waves.