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Hale, here and there, continued...

A Sand Samoan, no doubt, but which one I couldn’t say.  The miracle of iPhoto magnification can’t help much without the assistance of the miracle of sharp focus, and I didn’t have enough of either one to be able to read the identifying sign on the wall.  However, it is probably Sand Samoan 8. 

This is Sand Samoan 3.  If you look to the left, you can see the chairs around the Shipwreck Pool.  Look to the right and you’ll see a wood rail fence, put up to keep kids from falling into the ping pong pit.

This is Hawaiian 4, and is a somewhat later picture, probably late ‘70s.  The trees are established but are not fully grown.

This is Sand Samoan 8, taken from the lanai of Beach Tahitian 5.  In the far distance you can see the New Hebrides.

This one had me completely baffled.  It looks for all the world like Beach Tahitian 2, which happens to be my favorite, but I couldn’t account for the hale on the right.  Auntie Lei thought it was BT1 until we counted the steps and found that BT2 had fewer.  Finally I showed it to Glen, the chief engineer, and he immediately spotted the clue that had been overlooked: the bullrushes growing next to the path (see arrow).  “That has to be by the lagoon,” he said.  We’ve decided it must be Pond Tahitian 5, although the vegetation is so mature now that a definitive ‘after’ picture is impossible.

From the lanai of Lava Samoan 7, you can see Lava Samoan 8 and beyond that New Hebrides 5 and the roof of NH4.  I tried to get an ‘after’ picture, but a very large shrub hid LS8 from LS7.