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Some time ago at

Kona Village...


In the early 1970s Life in the Soft Lane was a bit bumpier.  Over the years I took pictures, but I kept track of them carelessly because it never occurred to me that they’d have any historical or nostalgic value to me, or to anyone else, for that matter.   I can’t date these pictures exactly, but some of them were ’71 or ’72, and some were as late as 1978. 

My memory tells me that I first went to Kona Village in 1971, but I can’t prove it, and my memory is like a steel sieve, with the little holes getting bigger every year. 

I was rummaging around in a closet and found a bunch of early slides that evoked nice memories and gave me some laughs.  KVR was an adventure then--utterly benign and safe, but an adventure nonetheless. 



We took a cab from the airport just once, and from then on we came and left by air.  It was mo bettah, believe me!   The commuter plane landed on the KVR private runway and taxied up to Reception.  Takeoff was usually directly over the Talk Story Bar, accompanied by prodigious noise..

I don’t know what the doodad was that looked like a defective umbrella, but Auntie Lei says it was a sunshade, sheltering a bench where one could contemplate the koi pond.  To the right of it was a fountain.  It was at the back edge of the Hale Moana Terrace.

Stepping off the plane made us feel like rich folks!  No airport, no baggage hassle, no long cab ride halfway up Hualalai and down a narrow road.  Instead, step off the plane and get a lei greeting--that was living!

Around and about...

When I was looking at the 35mm slide, this one took some study because I was thrown off by the big white board in the middle (see arrow).  Then I realized that this was the Hale Samoa Terrace in the foreground and the putting green in the background.  The white screen was for movies that were shown in the evening, mainly for the kids.  I was amused to see the tables and motley collection of chairs.

This was a brave attempt at a putting green.  Unfortunately the grass was the wrong kind, and it couldn’t be cut close enough to let the ball roll properly.  Also the arrow points to a ping pong pit, sunken to keep the wind down.  That didn’t work either.  Finally they abandoned the putting, and moved the ping pong tables to the rear of the village, out of the wind.

This is the porch of what became the Hale Ho’omau.  It was called a gift shop then, and served as a kind of general store, as I recall.  The old high back chairs had to go when the shop was enlarged.

Those chairs, plus the Island Copra & Trading Co., Ltd. sign that hung in front of Registration lent an exotic air to the village.  (That’s Bob Mager holding up the sign.)  When Island Copra, etc. sold their stake, the sign had to go.  Pity.

I was sorry to lose those touches.  Suddenly I was transported back to plain old, extremely romantic, exotic Hawai'i.

Right is the old beach shack, and just for fun, I took a picture recently from close to the same place...