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A Charity Event

By chance, I happened to be at Kona Village when a charity benefit took place. I knew nothing about it and was not a participant, but it turned out to be a very special time for me.  After the auction, or whatever, was done, a hula school from Hilo entertained on the little stage on the south side of the Hale Moana.  It’s covered now, and not a stage, but it was fine then.  The keiki danced--from little ones to teenagers--and it was charming and fun.

When the kids were done, Iolani Luahini danced.  She was the foremost exponent of the ancient Hawaiian chants and dances, and for many years had performed with her troupe and taught dancing.

One of the highlights of my entire experience in Hawai’i came when she asked me to dance with her.  My wife sat in the audience taking pictures while I had a blast!

The next morning, the normally serene atmosphere came to life with the sound of drums, as the kids from Hilo started practicing, experimenting, and generally having a wonderful time.

I personally love this kind of thing and was entranced, listening and watching.

When we left to go home, we flew out, and this time I got to sit in the co-pilot’s seat, where the view can’t be beat. Suddenly I said, “Hey, that’s Koho’olawe!”  (A unpopulated island long used for target practice by the armed forces.)

The pilot said, “Yeah, you want to see it?” And with that, and MUCH to my wife’s displeasure, he made a low pass so I could take pictures.  You can see a target outlined in what is probably white coral.  The island gets virtually no rainfall, and although efforts are being made to restore it, many years of ordinance, exploded and live, remain buried, so it’ll be a while.

Going home...