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Food & Beverage Manager, Pool & Beach Manager

We’re doing OK, actually. I am so thankful for all the guests who have been wanting

Dan’s coconuts.  If you want to see a whole bunch of them, click on the coconut.

We have two condos, one in Kailua-Kona:

The keiki book is about the KVR donkeys that serenaded the guests at night. It’s a charming story and I can get them from the publisher and send them on for a nominal cost.

My name is Sue-Sue Pargett and I was employed at the Village for the past 19 years.  I was in the Sales department for 10 years as the Sales Administrator and then transferred over to the Engineering department for the past 9 years. I am actively seeking employment in the administrative/Clerical field.


Lani Opunui, Entertainer/Other

I'm going to try and put together some crafts things to put on your information board but that will take time since I never kept any of the things I made while working at KVR. I kept giving things away that became Christmas gifts or what ever. I've applied at some hotels at different things like front desk clerk, DR hostess, sales clerk and even applied to the county as a clerk. Had to take a typing test. Whew. So we shall see. At least I still have my school job. Wish that could be expanded but that has limits, too. So that is where I am at this time.

I'm doing okay. Still looking for a job. It appears that Kona Village was so unique that they created jobs and job descriptions that don't exist at other hotel properties so the Work Force is unable to categorize me. Entertainer/Other doesn't quite make it a hot item for employers. Oh well.



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Much like Lori - I really can't imagine working at any other resort in Kona or along the Kohala Coast - Kona Village definitely spoils you - even as an employee.  My husband Kirk and I still have our 1/2 acre coffee farm - in a month or two that will keep me quite busy.  For now I am just trying to figure out what's next - moving all the events and weddings we had on the books tired me out!


My personal e-mail is: holualoabrewers@yahoo.com 


I would love to keep in touch!  Let me know anything else you need from me.  A hui hou!


malama pono,



Aloha Ahiahi David,


Let's see ... what have I been up to?  Much like Auntie Lani - the unemployment office can't quite figure out where I fit in.  As of March 28th I was going to be moving out of Weddings and Events and into being Gail Uina and Chef Mark's Food and Beverage Assistant - a job I was really looking forward to.

Traci Brewer

Hi David.  I'm doing OK, trying to make do with unemployment. I’m working on my farm -- it is small, and Kona Village was our only account for culinary herbs and edible flowers. I’m trying to update my website www.starofroses.com

and need some marketing skills. I also want to design new labels, since I think ours need jazzing up.

The creams and healing balms are all formulated and created by me, and receive lots of positive feedback. It makes me feel good to be able to help people in some small way. It has always been a personal passion to be a helpful herbalist.



Hale Moana Hostess for 28 years.

Star of Roses Organic Farm
Phone: (808) 775-1905    Fax: (808) 775-7238
46-1169 Kumupele Road    Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

These are some pictures of my popular aromatherapy soaps that many guests love.  They’re made with goats milk (a moisturizer) plus essential oils such as pikake and lavender, citrus, peppermint, etc. The small ones are $9 for 3, the large ones, $12 for 3.

I grew the edible flowers that decorated the buffets and salads, and when gardenias were in season I presented one to each woman dining in the Hale Moana. I was the “Gardenia Lady.”

I really miss working at Kona Village and relating to such wonderful guests, and can't wait until they reopen.


And the other in Costa Rica:

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Also, Dan has a new website: