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The Food - Breakfast

I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater, but Kona Village caused me to rethink that, at least while I was there.  Since I was already an early riser, and had a two or three hour time change to adjust to, I was usually wide awake before the birds, and finding ways to occupy myself until time for breakfast.  I took a pass on the coffee and rolls that were put out at 5:30 or so for the other early risers, and along about 6:45, I’d go to the Bora Bora Terrace, grab the Times Digest, which had the crossword puzzle, and the USA Times, which had the news, pick a table, pour a cup of coffee from the thermos already put there earlier, and enjoy, nay, savor that wonderful time of day in that most wonderful of places.

At seven o’clock someone would bid me good morning, fill my glass with ice water and top off my coffee. Soon I’d have a menu, and the server would ask if I want a fruit plate to start.  Hah!

That much fruit would exceed my personal fruit capacity, and soon all the servers knew that I’d be content with just half a papaya. Obviously there were lots of fruit choices besides papaya.

The setting was the best part. It was served on the Bora Bora Terrace, and looked out on the bay.  You could watch the dive boat load up for its morning run, you could see snorkelers taking advantage of the calm waters of morning, and you could see the occasional kayak or outrigger starting out to enjoy an early excursion. 

As I sat there one morning, the outrigger took off with guests for a morning run and I idly took a video.  When I replayed it, the 40 second video was nothing remarkable by itself, but I was captured by the background sounds--the birds, the waves, a laugh, and I was stuck by how much the ambient sounds of this perfectly commonplace moment evoked the scene in my memory:  (Click the picture.)

I always met some really wonderful people.  Here are Tori and Scott.

Here are Merle and Paul, visiting from far away.

Annette and Doug, just wrapping up breakfast, with Brad and Betsy.  That’s the kids’ pool in the background.

Tom and Adela enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast.

In times when occupancy is high, they’d set up a breakfast buffet for those who were eager to get a running start on a lazy day in the soft lane.  As for me, I treasured breakfast time, as I sipped coffee and worked on the crossword puzzle (which got harder as the week progressed.)

There were juices of every kind; omelets to order, eggs to order, bacon, plus fresh fish, smoked salmon, bagels & creamed cheese, corned beef hash, French toast, pancakes, waffles, (how I loved those waffles!) toasts of various varieties, English muffins, and Japanese breakfasts.  In other words, if you couldn’t be satisfied with the offerings, you just weren’t hungry.