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The Local Artists

During the day, the dining area in front of the Hale Samoa made room for local artists to display their wares. Usually two vendors were there each day, and the days they came were pretty predictable.

Penny King displayed her paintings and explained how she makes the  gourds.


Stan Hein showed off wood objects and jewelry.

Barbara Hanson demonstrated this very interesting process. I apologize for the quality of the video.  One take, one camera, no rehearsal, and the result gets bumpy at times, but I found it fascinating.


TereSea Boswell creates interesting pottery and sand-coated glass.

Penny Gupton had been painting Kona Village scenes for a long time.

Ellen Crocker showed her hand painted silk scarves.

Ina Koch showed hand painted ceramics

Roma Lee Marks showed her works to my good friends Betsy and Lynn

TereSea Boswell:

Ellen Crocker: (808) 328-9393

Penny Gupton:

Barbara Hansen:

Stan Hein:

Penny King:

Ina Koch: (808) 328 0066 (probably)

Roma Lee Marks: (808) 326-4152

Peggy Waterfall:

Since these fine artists no longer have the Kona Village site to display their creations, I am posting below their email address or website, in case someone might want to reach them.