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Some Amenities

I mentioned that some hale were set up for the handicapped. This was Maori 3 which had been wheelchair equipped.

If desired, a wheel chair or a motorized scooter could be rented.  There was also a balloon-tired wheelchair that could be pushed over the sand and could even go in the water.

There were three laundry facilities,       one on the lava, one in the lagoon  area, and one in the garden area. Soaps were provided gratis.

Since there was no smoking in the hale or other buildings, there were seven designated smoking areas:  

If you needed a computer, there were two with high speed internet access available in the concierge office, 24/7, at no charge.  One was a Mac and one a PC. There was also a high-speed connection for a laptop.  The concierge office had a book exchange in case you ran out of reading material--free, of course.

Gail was one of several very knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced concierges.